Term & Condition

Trademark and Copyright
‘SASO API Connector’ is copyright 2022-23 by ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd, ‘SASO API Connector’ is protected by copyright laws under Copyright Act, 1957. Copying ‘SASO API Connector’ functions and design will lead to severe criminal and civil penalties under Section 63 of copyright act 57.
By using our software ‘SASO API Connector’ you are agreed to accept our terms and conditions. –
  • ‘SASO API Connector’ uses API from brokers side to manage trades on SASO API Connector.
  • By using ‘SASO API Connector’, you understand there are lot of factors which can leads in system failure like-server hardware failure, Internet connection, Broker API.
  • Algo trading on ‘SASO API Connector’ can leads to you unexpected losses.
  • Data fees issue also can lead your strategy not to perform well.
  • Broker side login issue or order placing issue also can leads to losses.
If you are not agreed with any conditions mentioned above, please do not use ‘SASO API Connector’ .